Energy for the future

Solar energy is natural, infinite and free.

Companies and communities have an under-exploited and immediately recoverable land reserve. We use this undeveloped land to produce green, carbon-free and local energy, self-consumed on your sites.

Self-consumed, self-funded energy

The solar energy you produce is directly consumed on your site.

Coupled with storage capacities, and control of your electrical installations by intelligent algorithms, our solutions make it possible to be partially independant from the network (especially at times when energy is the most expensive).

E-PANGO analyzes your needs, finances and implements your project: green, local and immediately available electricity, which will reduce your electricity bill and strengthen your energy independence, without any investment on your part.

Reduce the financial impact on communities

The regional and national development of intermittent electricity production is a major constraint for local authorities.

It requires, during the transition phase, to invest to provide the distribution networks with a capacity that is only really used during peak production. The obligation to buy back green electricity at subsidized rates is also costly for communities.

E-PANGO proposes to integrate the production of low-carbon electricity into a global approach to the operation of a building, so that it can be entirely self-consumed. This intermittent production will not be fed back into the network and will not have to be bought back.

Preparing for the future, securing supplies

E-PANGO invests directly in the production of carbon-free electricity. Coupled with local storage and monitoring systems, these solutions make it possible to reduce the power drawn on the network, and to secure the electricity supply of buildings.

Under current technical and economic conditions (lower cost of equipment and higher cost of electricity), the profitability of batteries is constantly improving, and their use in the medium term must be anticipated. E-PANGO photovoltaic systems are already designed to be able to be fitted with batteries.

In certain specific cases (capacity limits of the public network, use of electricity from fossil fuels during peak periods), their use can already generate a positive balance at the scale of a region.

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