An overall solution

E-PANGO offers you a global solution which allows you to:

  • save on your electricity bills (distribution and energy),
  • understand and control your consumption,
  • participate intelligently and without investment in the transition to renewable energies,
  • secure your electricity supplies in the long term.

Discover the three components of our offer:

1. A contract focused on YOUR needs

The current electrical system is based on adapting the price of kWh to variations in demand, depending on the production available. E-PANGO, the forerunner of a new generation of electric companies, proposes to reverse this model by focusing on demand.

Thanks to an approach centered on the detailed analysis of your needs and an ability to obtain supplies at the best price on the various electrical markets (forward, spot, intraday), E-PANGO is today the only electricity supplier capable to bring you a very significant reduction in your invoices while offering you a high-end level of service.

2. Solutions for BETTER consumption

E-PANGO performs a preliminary analysis of your electricity expenses, from the fixed part of your contract to the variable part (your consumption), and offers you concrete actions to generate savings while perfectly meeting your needs. Our approach is articulated in three stages:

  • Detailed understanding of your consumption according to the different operating phases of your building, your process or your activity,
  • Identification of sources of flexibility in terms of consumption,
  • Automatic adaptation of your consumption in response to an external signal, via connected equipment.

3. On site GREEN electricity production

E-PANGO systematically studies the relevance of producing solar electricity within the confines of your buildings. If this study is positive, E-PANGO fully finances the installation of photovoltaic panels.

Coupled with the installation of batteries, this on-site production allows you to go even further in optimizing your consumption and securing your supplies.

The aim is for the electricity produced to be entirely self-consumed on site. E-PANGO is in fact able to offer you green electricity, produced locally, competitive and insensitive to increases in the price of electricity, transmission costs and taxes, guaranteeing long-term visibility of competitive rates.

Our clients

Our customers: industrial and tertiary companies (service providers, distribution chains, leisure centers ...) of all sizes; local communities; collective housing managers.