Support the energy transition

“Green” electricity refers to electricity produced only from renewable energy sources. These are sources such as hydraulic energy (dams), wind, solar, geothermal, wave and tidal or energy from biomass (wood, landfill gas, gas from water treatment plants waste, biogas…).

Our supply of “green” electricity guarantees that an amount of electricity from renewable sources equivalent to your consumption has been injected into the grid.

Guaranteed green origin

To prove that an equivalent amount of green electricity has been injected into the network, only the Guarantees of Origin (GO) have certification value. Guarantees of Origin ensure, at European level, the administrative traceability of green electricity.

These are electronic certificates issued to producers in proportion to the amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

Powernext provides delivery, transfer and use of GOs to the National Register of Guarantees of Origin. E-PANGO is a member of Powernext: we can associate the supply of electricity with certificates of guarantee of renewable origin, covering up to 100% of your consumption.

French Certificates of origin

E-PANGO combines the supply of green electricity with “renewable origin” guarantee certificates, which can cover up to 100% of your consumption, for a ridiculous additional cost. Special features to note:

  • we buy our certificates only in France,
  • you can specify the technology (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) and the region of production of your green electricity.

You can thus choose which type of renewable production you wish to favor, and consume “local”!


Solar energy is natural, infinite and free. Find out how we use the undeveloped land in your buildings and outdoor spaces to produce green, carbon-free and local energy, self-consumed on your sites.