A 4-level optimization

E-PANGO offers social landlords and co-ownerships to work simultaneously on:

  • reduction of contracted power,
  • reduction in the overall electricity consumption of the building,
  • reduction in the price of kWh consumed,
  • as well as the use of locally produced green electricity.

This global approach enables the building's costs and environmental impact to be reduced, in parallel or in addition to energy renovation works.

A detailed study of the functioning of the building

E-PANGO is carrying out a preliminary study to quantify the impact of each dwelling on the electrical consumption of the building.

This study let us build a consumption algorithm to simulate the impact of the various possible optimization measures on the overall electricity bill.

The various measurement devices put in place also provide better knowledge of the building's energy behavior, which allows better targeting of possible renovation works.

Generate savings without losing comfort

The measures to optimize consumption mainly relate to the heating and hot water production functions, which together account for more than 70% of the energy consumption of a main residence. Their objective is to avoid consumption peaks at unfavorable times as well as unnecessary consumption.

They are based on automatic piloting equipment which triggers the various devices according to a pre-established and constantly calibrated scheme to reduce the maximum power demand and benefit from the most advantageous prices.

The implementation of these measures does not imply any action on the part of the occupants and guarantees them a level of comfort identical to the previous consumption mode.

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