Savings for non-residential collective buildings

E-PANGO proposes to significantly reduce the electricity costs of commercial buildings to improve their operational profitability.

E-PANGO's “tertiary buildings” approach applies to public or private buildings for non-residential collective use: leisure centers, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, offices ...

Student residences, hotels or retirement homes are treated by the “collective housing” approach.

Taking into account the specificities of each use
and of the operating cycle

E-PANGO performs a station-by-station study of your electricity consumption. Cross-referenced with the different operating phases of your building (opening to the public, reduced operation, weekly or annual closure), this study makes it possible to define the possible measures to optimize your consumption and to quantify the impact of each of them on your electricity bill.

Optimization work involves both reducing consumption and finding the most advantageous prices.

Optimization of contracted power

E-PANGO also performs in-depth work on the transmission-distribution part of your electricity contract, ensuring that it meets your needs and the power subscribed by your buildings.

Beneficial for your buildings from a financial point of view, this optimization work is also beneficial for your community since it helps to avoid over-sizing of public electricity networks.

Financing of on-site solar production

E-PANGO systematically studies the relevance of producing solar electricity within the confines of your buildings. If this is proven, E-PANGO fully finances the installation of the photovoltaic panels.

The goal is for the electricity produced to be entirely self-consumed on site so as not to penalize your community by being reinjected into the public network and bought back at a subsidized rate.

Anticipate the increase in the cost of electricity

The photovoltaic system is designed to be able to be later fitted with batteries. Energy storage is set to become a profitable option in the medium term, under the combined effect of the drop in the price of batteries and the increase in the cost of electricity.

Storage will allow us to go even further in optimizing consumption and strengthen security of supply.

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