E-PANGO is an independent company that positions itself as a player in the optimization of the electricity system, by developing flexibility of demand and by promoting supply / demand balance at local, regional and national level.

Our mission: to support the energy revolution.
Our goal: mastery and independence for all, so that energy is no longer a concern.
Our specialty: enhance your energy flexibility.

Our differences

E-PANGO sets itself apart from existing players by its ability to:

  • offer its customers solutions for better consumption,
  • automatically adapt consumption in response to an external signal, via connected equipment,
  • source the best price on the different electricity markets (forward, spot, intraday),
  • finance intelligent photovoltaic installations for self-consumption.

Operated by specialists

  • Philippe GIRARD :
    Expert in energy and electrical markets, Philippe is in charge of developing the E-PANGO offer and purchasing electricity.

  • Pierre RENAUX :
    Doctor in «Data Mining» and «decision support», Pierre leads the operations and information systems.
  • Romain SENNAT :
    Specialized in computer development, Romain manages the aspects related to IT systems, big data and back office algorithms.

Our offer

We offer you much more than a simple discount on regulated prices!