Your electricity bill can heavily weigh on your profit

The cost of electricity is of course strategic for all industrial companies that use high powers in their production process. The slightest rate increase can have a serious impact on your financial results.

With the development of automation and connected components, all manufacturers today have an interest in closely monitoring their electricity consumption to maintain their profitability. Exceeding the subscribed power, consumption shifted to the high end of the rate grid or consumption that is too high at a standstill can quickly increase the bill.

The elimination on January 1, 2016 of the green and yellow regulated tariffs are in this context an opportunity to use the flexibility of your needs to significantly reduce your energy cost.

This is what E-PANGO offers you, through an optimized and sustainable electricity supply contract, which plays on the adaptation of demand to supply to obtain the best price per kWh.

Work on all the components of your contract
to generate significant savings

E-PANGO carries out a detailed study of your consumption and associated production processes to offer you all possible optimizations in terms of power demand and horo-seasonal consumption ranges. Each planned optimization is studied from a cost / benefit angle, with the prerequisite maintaining the level of service of your equipment.

E-PANGO also helps you to optimize the transport-delivery part of your contract, which not only is expected to grow in the years to come but also partly determines your price per kW.

Self-produce part of your needs
without having to invest

E-PANGO systematically studies the relevance of producing solar electricity within the confines of your buildings. If this is proven, E-PANGO fully finances the installation of the photovoltaic panels

The goal is for the electricity produced to be entirely self-consumed on site to further reduce your overall bill.

Anticipate the increase in the cost of electricity

The photovoltaic system is designed to be able to be fitted with batteries.

In fact, as soon as the price of this equipment has dropped sufficiently or the cost of electricity has increased significantly, this option will allow us to go even further in optimizing consumption, but also to enhance security of supplies.

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